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The Recruitment Module, powered by Intelligence Group and Jobdigger is a form of AI assisted writing. It reads what you write, studies the text, and gives you advice based on data-driven algorithms. It can catch repetitive or unnecessary parts and suggests fixes,
like using gender-neutral words or shorter sentences.

“For everyone who writes,
with people,goals in mind”

– The Text Improvers

Inclusive writing

  • Gender-inclusive language
  • Non-discriminatory language
  • Diversity & inclusion guidelines

Consistent high quality

  • Software customized for your company
  • Follow your company guidelines
  • Your company branding & tone of voice

Understandable writing

  • Write without mistakes
  • Write in the correct language level
  • Translate into all languages
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SEO and Content suggestions perfectly combined in one software.

Textmetrics harmonizes all our content from every writer into one seamless and melodious tone of voice.

– Astrid de Graaf, Content Manager Service Communication at Vattenfall

With Textmetrics, we boosted our D&I goals and saw a 10% increase in female applicants.

– Marieke van Herwerden, Team Lead Talent Acquisition at Arcadis

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Customized software for a cohesive brand identity

  • Your tone of voice
  • Your SEO policy & guidelines
  • Your branding and employer branding


Available for many writing systems such as:

  • ATS integrations
  • CMS plugins

How to: Biasfree content

Different company specific rulesets can be installed per department
Just one onboarding and one license needed

More than gender inclusive

Creating diverse and inclusive content is more than just avoiding gender bias. It means including people from all walks of life – different ages, cultures, and even those with lower reading proficiency. Our software has got you covered in this aspect of D&I too.

More than just your content

Meeting your D&I goals is tougher than it seems. Your website needs to be accessible to everyone, not just a select few. Textmetrics can help you do that. For instance, someone who is visually impaired can enjoy your content more if your website is screen reader-friendly and usage of colors like red and green are minimized.


Company wide mistakes

Make sure everyone in your company is on the same page when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Using Textmetrics can help keep things consistent, whether it’s in emails, on your website, or during the hiring process. So why not take a company-wide approach and make it easy for everyone?

Got excited?

Experience yourself how Textmetrics can make creating vacancies easy?

Your privacy is important to us

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and data. We make every effort to ensure that all data assets are fully protected, following applicable laws, regulations and industry best practices.

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