Can I optimize on different text types?

In the editor there is an option where you can set a text type. This option allows you to choose between an article/blog page and a product page. These two text types have a different rule set in the field of SEO. This article shows you which text type you should use and how to set a text type in the editor. Want to know more about the editor? Take a look at this article.

You can select Article/blog page for optimizing pages that contain a significant amount of content, like blog posts. When you want to optimize a page that has less content, like a product description page for a webshop, you should choose product page. This rule set is a bit less strict on content size.

> When you click on rule set, indicated by the orange arrow, you can choose between article/blog page and product page. Now your text will be optimized based on the right rule set!

Tip: want to get more structure when creating several pages? Use projects to keep it organized! Take a look at this article to know more about creating projects.

Tip: to make sure you’ll have a quick start you can follow the tour. This tour introduces you to all the features and possibilities of Textmetrics. You can start the tour by clicking on the Tour button in the menu.