January 12, 2019

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How do I improve the ROI of content marketing?

Do you want to improve the return on investment (ROI) of your content marketing efforts? Of course, you do! Your content took blood, sweat, and tears to create, so you want to see something in return. Ideally in the shape of higher traffic, more engagement from your target audience, and revenue growth. That’s why Textmetrics is gladly offering you this blog series full of tips and tricks to maximize your ROI.

Cater to voice search

Make sure you stay up to date on the latest developments in regards to search. Text search isn’t the only factor to take into consideration nowadays. Voice search is a quickly growing trend that will only gain more importance over time. Especially the younger generation enjoys asking Siri and other voice assistants questions like “where can I find a local painter?” or more trivial questions like “how much milk does a cow produce?”.

In the past few years, the number of spoken search queries has increased by 20%, and that number is projected to double in the coming years. Typing out a query takes more time and effort than simply asking Siri or any other voice assistant a simple question. That means your content needs to cater to that behavior. One way to do that is by using long-tail keywords. A text search usually contains fewer words than a voice search.

Casual language in your SEO

Don’t be afraid to integrate casual language into your SEO. The way we speak is generally less polished than the way we type. Of course, any written content for voice search should still prioritize relevance and readability, just like standard web copy would. Ultimately, you’re not writing content for search engines, but for your readers.

A clearly organized FAQ page on your website can also contribute to a high ranking in voice search. That’s where you quite literally include questions and answers that align with the grammatical structure of a voice search. For example, the question might be “what is Textmetrics”, and the answer is “Textmetrics is an online tool that helps you create easy-to-find content with great conversion rates”.

Mobile-friendly content

Keep in mind that your content should be mobile-friendly. Or rather the website that your content is presented on. Nowadays we are much more likely to use our smartphone for a search query than we would take the time to run to a computer. Data from Google shows that over 60% of all searches are done on a mobile phone! So make sure your website is prepared! The basis is a website with a quick loading speed. You could try installing Google Accelerated Mobile Pages to help with that. And create content that is easy to scan by using eye-catching subheaders and bullet points for clarity.

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is the kind of content that will always be relevant to your readers, without having to update it frequently. Green and sustainable! Additionally, this “green content” will be the source of traffic for years, without the added workload. That’s why evergreen content is such an important element in your content marketing strategy.

If you want to improve the ROI of your efforts in content marketing, the key is to create evergreen content for your website. We’ve outlined a few examples below that you can apply to your own business with a little creativity:

  • How-to manuals. Those are always up to date, and people are always looking for easy instructions. For example, think about a tutorial for a Christmas centerpiece or tips on how to remove those awful wasps from your back yard.
  • FAQ. A list of frequently asked questions plus answers.
  • Product reviews. Ratings and reviews stay up to date unless products get replaced by alternatives or newer versions.
  • A list of jargon and technical terms with an explanation of each one.

Evergreen content becomes even more powerful when you combine it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you incorporate the right keywords in your content, it becomes more relevant and, as such, easier to discover in search engines. A wonderful result is more traffic to your website and a greater chance that your content will be shared for months (or even years)! In an earlier  blog post, we delve even deeper into evergreen content.

Get started on a higher ROI

The trends we listed above are step two in the improved ROI of your content marketing. Trends and tools in the field of content are always developing and improving. If you don’t integrate those into your website and use them for your content marketing, you’ll always be one step behind. So make sure you stay up to date.

Taking care of your own content marketing? Textmetrics will gladly share our knowledge and skills with you. Put our Content Creation Engine and the Textmetrics Content Ranking to good use. These tools make it a whole lot easier to write great, discoverable, and Google-friendly blog content.


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