Textmetrics is an augmented writing platform that helps to write effective and accurate content (like job postings), and helps (recruitment) managers steer the impact of the postings with real data. We will learn you everything about our augmented writing platform, and the relation to diversity and inclusion.

Augmented writing tools and divers and inclusive recruitment: how does it work?

To know how augmented writing tools can be of help in recruitment, and more specifically in preventing gender bias in writing job descriptions, you first need to know what augmented writing tools are. Augmented writing can best be described as a technology that serves as a writing coach, a virtual assistant to write job descriptions.

Diversity and inclusion and an augmented writing platform.

Reaching their diversity and inclusion goals is something countless companies strive for. Not only because it’s something society asks for, but also because it positively impacts revenue, employee satisfaction and the company’s reputation. But we know that this is not an easy goal to reach, and that the recruitment process plays an important role here.

What Textmetrics Solves

Bias decoding

Low quantity of applicants

Insufficient quality of applicants

No diversity among applicants

Continuous training