Age bias.

On this page you will find and learn everything about age bias, and the relation to diversity and inclusion.

Prevent age bias in your communications

The solution to age bias in the recruitment process begins with writing job descriptions that are free of age discrimination. That means you shouldn’t mention that you’re looking for people of a certain age, and you should refrain from using words that discourage older candidates from applying. Also, don’t mention a specific minimum or maximum number of years of experience. If you are an organization working toward your diversity and inclusion goals then you need to consider age bias in your communications. You don’t want people to feel excluded based on their age. By writing inclusive, among other things, you make sure that you don’t exclude people based on age, for example.

Age bias and the Textmetrics platform

Just as there are words that keep older people from applying, there are also words that actually encourage older people to apply. Think of words like committedexperiencedleadership skillsmentorship abilities and a strong work ethic. The augmented writing platform we offer at Textmetrics can help you with this. We use AI algorithms to help you write job descriptions using words that appeal to people of all ages, which is an important step toward more equality in your organization by persuading older people to apply as well. On this page we will publish several documents related to diversity and inclusion and age bias.

Latest news about age bias

Diversity and inclusion and biased language

Diversity and inclusion and biased language

In recent years, diversity and inclusion has become the top priority for a growing number of companies. If we take a look at the benefits of a diverse workforce, the reason for this becomes clear. Diversity and inclusion is essential to be successful. Companies that...

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Prevent age bias for a more diverse workforce

Prevent age bias for a more diverse workforce

We hear all about it on the news. When an older person loses their job, it’s harder for them to find something new. That’s difficult to reconcile with the increasing number of companies that strive for inclusion and diversity in the workforce. These good intentions...

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