Recently we’ve launched a brand new interface of Textmetrics. We worked very hard on this new interface which gives our users an even better experience of creating content!

In the past years we have been adding a lot of functionality to Textmetrics. The time came to declutter the users interface and reorganize where you can access all functionalities on the editor page.

What’s new?

All fonts and icons are restyled. The most important optical change is the position of the menu in the dashboard. The menu is moved to the left side of the dashboard. You can easily switch between modules which makes the process of optimizing your content even more.

The editor became more user friendly. While writing your text you can easily use one of the other modules without leaving the editor; like a keyword analysis or setting a page tracker.  There’s also an option to check your version history and restore your text if necessary.

Beta version available

Right now you can try the beta version of the new user interface. As a Textmetrics user you can easily switch to the new version (click on the orange button ‘new version’ in the menu on your dashboard).

We would like to hear your feedback to improve the new interface even more and make the definitive switch to the new design. Start a chat conversion or fill in a short questionnaire.

Regularly Textmetrics updates

Besides the new interface we’re also working on an update and extending of our features. We update Textmetrics regularly to add new features and improve existing ones. Our mission is to make content creation easy and fun.  A high-level overview of each update, you’ll find in our knowledgdebase.

Looking for specific features, functionality or plugin(s)? Or do you have SEO questions? We love to hear your ideas and suggestions – please get in touch: or start a chat conversation!





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