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NCOI, founded in 1972, offers more than 1250 practice-oriented MBO, MBO, HBO, Bachelors and Masters courses, (short-term courses) in The Netherlands.

NCOI has a network of around 3500 teachers, in addition to around 1200 employees. The biggest educator in The Netherlands.


Hilversum, Nederland




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Textmetrics Enterprise

For over 47 years, NCOI has been the Netherlands’s go-to organization for getting a boost in knowledge. What you might not know is that apart from educating hundreds of thousands of professionals each year, they also have a sophisticated course offering that requires a scalable way to maintain. Information management is key to NCOI’s growth, and they’re using Textmetrics to make it happen.

To continue growing, you must improve and monitor

From a single person company to a 270M yearly turnover giant, NCOI has to capitalise every sustainable growth opportunity possible. Content Quality Management is one of the most important ones.

“We’ve had incredible results across the board with our different course offerings. A big portion of our content quality metrics come directly from Textmetrics.”

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