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See how NCOI increased their digital KPI’s with Textmetrics

28% increase in Google rankings

21% increase in clicks

9% increase in conversions


NCOI, founded in 1972, offers more than 1250 practice-oriented MBO, MBO, HBO, Bachelors and Masters courses, (short-term courses) in The Netherlands.

NCOI has a network of around 3500 teachers, in addition to around 1200 employees. The biggest educator in The Netherlands.



Hilversum, Nederland




B2B / B2C


Textmetrics Enterprise

NCOI wanted to better their online competitive position and strength. Their goal was to offer the most suitable communication for each target group. Textmetrics carry out a lexicon analysis then implemented the Textmetrics solution to help them fulfil their objective for different target groups and for each brand under NCOI.

Increasing Content Consistency did the trick

NCOI operates in a very competitive market. Their prospective customers have virtually all information at their disposal. Informed customers are a rule rather than an exception for NCOI, therefore, ensuring that content quality is up to standards is a highly important task for business continuity and growth.

In a fast-paced environment, even the most meticulous team member can make a mistake, without mentioning that to fuel fast growth, new hires need to be made. Training and supporting new (and existing team members) to excel with writing is a very challenging task.

Textmetrics helps companies like NCOI increase the impact and content consistency of their organization. Across the board. With quantifiable, substantial results.

By using Textmetrics we could make sure that every body was able to create content with the highest quality.

“We’ve had incredible results across the board with our different course offerings. A big portion of our content quality metrics come directly from Textmetrics.”

From a single person company to a 270M yearly turnover giant.

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