September 16, 2019

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5 ways machine learning is revolutionizing content marketing

Content marketing has a huge impact on the success of your company. But it is quite the challenge to constantly create quality content that is valuable for your audience and seen by the right people. It takes time and money to produce valuable content on a regular basis and you may have noticed that it’s hard to combine with all the other tasks that need to be done during the week. 

Luckily, in today’s digital age, there’s help on the way. It’s called machine learning and can benefit every aspect of content marketing. It can help content marketers produce content more quickly, transforming content marketing as we know it. Do you want to know more about how machine learning can revolutionize content marketing? Then keep on reading! 

#1. Cost-effective and time-saving 

Machine learning can help you save money and time when used in your content marketing strategy. Before creating content you should always run important analytics, like finding the right keywords or researching what your target audience is interested in today. Because it’s simply a waste of time to write an article that nobody’s interested in or that can’t be found through the search engines. Machine learning can do these repetitive preliminary tasks quickly and efficiently, saving you not only money but also a huge amount of time that you can spend on writing the best possible articles. 

#2. Increase productivity 

Saving time gives you the opportunity to do more and increase your productivity. Machine learning is a great tool to have on that front. It can’t write the content for you, but it can take over certain simple and time-consuming tasks like the keyword analysis we mentioned above. You’ll have more time to focus on the writing itself without having to worry that machine learning will take over. You remain in the driver’s seat, but you now have the tools at hand to leave the repetitive and mundane tasks to automation. 

#3. Improve personalization 

Creating customized content for different target audiences is likely one of the things that take up most of your time. For example, your target audience receives a huge amount of commercial emails every month, so your email needs to be of direct interest to the reader if your goal is to get a response. Machine learning can be a huge help here. It can assist in gathering very precise data about your audience and predict which subjects they’re interested in. This allows  you to categorize your audience into groups and helps you create personalized content for them during every step of the customer journey. 

#4. Improve the quality of your content 

Machine learning not only lets you be more productive and improve personalization, it can also help you improve the overall quality of your content. When you have a better understanding of what kind of content works, you can create optimized pieces that stand the best chance of finding and engaging your audience. Discovering the best topics to write about and figuring out how to do a better job at writing than your competitors usually takes a lot of time. Machine learning can assist in identifying trending and quality content in real time, helping you determine what the quality of your writing should be to defeat your competition. 

#5. Optimize your content for the right audience

Machine learning algorithms can provide you with all sorts of guidelines to help you improve your content, like detecting when you use the passive voice or a lot of chlichés. It can also ensure that you’re writing for the right audience. Does your target audience consist of mostly men or is it women you’re writing for? And what’s the language level of your audience? You know all this before you start writing, but is it also reflected in your content? A machine learning algorithm can help you out here, making sure your content is fully targeted at your audience. 

The importance of optimized content 

As you just read above, there is lots of content out there and the competition is fierce. This makes it quite the challenge to produce engaging and interesting content that your target audience wants to read. Writing engaging content is one thing, but you also need to make sure that your content shows up somewhere near the top of the search engine results. 

That’s why it’s so important to produce optimized content. This means that your content adheres to the basic SEO rules to generate the right traffic and make it easier to be found in search. It also means that your content is fully targeted at the right audience. The machine-learning algorithms of Textmetrics can help you with all of this, increasing the quality of your content, saving you time and money, and boosting your productivity.

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